Beautiful, Sustainable, Acoustical Design.

From wall panels to ceiling baffles and clouds, the experts at LAMVIN can help you realize your unique acoustical design creation. We feature a formaldehyde-free option, the eco-sonic core. Combine that with one of our sustainable fabric options to build clean from the inside out.


Acoustical Wall Panel Solutions

Sonic Standard Acoustical Panel

This versatile wall and ceiling panel is the ideal solution for spaces with reverberant noise problems.

It’s easy to install on walls or ceilings with your choice of mountings. It is available in a variety of standard sizes and finishes, or completely customizable for specific design applications.

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Sonic Tackable High-Impact Acoustic Panel

Our Sonic Tackable High-Impact Panel is designed specifically for easy tackability and for use in high-traffic areas.

This tough panel will meet all your acoustical challenges. Featuring a high-density fiberglass face, this panel is equally suited for walls or ceilings and can be customized in a variety of ways.

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Sonic Ultra High Impact Panel

With a strong co-polymer face, the Sonic Ultra High-Impact Panel is the most durable of our fabric-covered panels.

Ideal for noise absorption in high abuse areas. Sturdy yet provides the visually soft, soothing, aesthetics with fabric on the finish.

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Eco-Sonic® Panel

With an environmentally-friendly core, the Eco-Sonic Acoustical Panel features no added urea-formaldehyde.

Eco-Sonic Panels are specifically designed to meet California Section 01350 qualification for clean air emissions. Available as a core for baffles, clouds, wall and ceiling panels.

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Sonic Printed Art Panel

Sonic Printed Art Panels open up infinite possibilities for your creativity and imagination by providing acoustical performance and limitless design.

The image can be printed as a singular panel or arrayed into multiple panels to cover larger surface areas. This panel is suitable for framing further extending décor possibilities. Perfect for artwork, logos, or any image requiring a high-resolution finish and acoustic absorption

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Swatch-Match™ Panel

The Sonic Swatch-Match Panel is available as a standard white acoustical panel or as a painted acoustical panel that’s designed to blend into room decor.

It features an acoustically transparent textured or smooth paint finish that offers the traditional look of drywall or plaster and delivers exceptional sound absorption.

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Sonic Tackboard Panel

Tackboards are versatile sound transmission inhibitors that feature an industrial insulation board core for stability, strength, and excellent tackability.

When laminated with vinyl, Tackboards provide a low-maintenance, mold- and mildew-resistant surface, which is easy-to-clean.

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